Lіonѕ Kerby Joѕepһ Sendѕ Cleаtѕ to Fаn Wһo Trolled Pаckerѕ Fаn

A Lions fan received a memorable present from Kerby Joseph.

A Detroit Lions fan laughing in the face of a Green Bay Packers fan went viral on the first night of the 2024 NFL Draft.

The Lions fan was mocking the Packers’ fan for looking shocked after the team selected Arizona offensive lineman Jordan Morgan in the first round.

Lions safety Kerby Joseph enjoyed the scene so much that he requested to find out who the fan was rubbing it in the face of a division rival expressing his disappointment the Packers drafted Jordan Morgan.

WXYZ-TV was able to track down Kizito Katende, a Canton native, to discover more about the entertaining interaction that quickly spread all over the internet.

Katende has been friends with Jacob Sanchez, the Packers fan in the infamous video, for years. Recently, Sanchez shared online the photos of Detroit’s starting safety sending a package that included cleats worn during a memorable game against the Packers.

A personal note was added by Detroit’s third-year safety.

“Wassup bro!! You made me laugh draft night. LOL,”Joseph shared in a note.“So here is my cleats. I caught my first and second career INT from AROD (quartebrack Aaron Rodgers). Much love.”

Katende is now in the possession of cleats that were worn when Joseph picked off Aaron Rodgers twice in Detroit’s 15-9 win over the Packers in 2022.

Joseph is among the most popular members of the Lions roster due to his humorous nature and his interactions with supporters online.

Even Sanchez noted it is hard to have hard feelings towards Joseph due to his good-natured attitude. “Even though I’m supposed to hate him as a Packers fan, idk how I can after this.”

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