Falcons take pass rusher over Drake Maye in latest PFF mock draft

Coming into the offseason, the Falcons were considered wild cards in the NFL Draft, but much of that speculation was quashed when the team inked Kirk Cousins to a $180 million deal.

Atlanta had their quarterback. Now, they could do anything with their No. 8 pick, trade back or stand pat. It’s all about value at this point, but what about the most valuable position in the sport? Could the Falcons actually take a signal caller with their top pick?

It’s not difficult to imagine the club spending a Day 2 or Day 3 selection on a prospect to groom behind Kirk Cousins. There are several intriguing players that could interest Terry Fontenot later in the draft like Spencer Rattler or Michael Pratt; however, in the first round? That doesn’t make much sense right after handing Cousins a four-year, $180 million contract, but it might depend on who is available.

J.J. McCarthy? Probably not. Michael Penix? Definitely not. But how about one of the top three prospects in Caleb Williams, Drake Maye or Jayden Daniels?

It seems impossible that one of those three falls to the Falcons, but that’s exactly what Sam Monson of PFF has happening in his latest mock draft, except the draft pundit has Atlanta taking Jared Verse over Maye.

The Falcons end up with Verse in the first round and Ennis Rakestraw, a cornerback, in the second round, filling the roster’s two biggest needs at this point in the offseason.

Typically, that would be a very satisfying outcome for the Falcons, but I still question passing on a talent like Drake Maye. First, I don’t think the UNC product will actually fall, but if he did and the club passed on him, I would be beside myself.

Yes, it’s completely unnecessary with Kirk Cousins under contract for the next four seasons. The Falcons wouldn’t even be able to take full advantage of the ever-valuable quarterback on a rookie contract, but it still doesn’t matter.

When a talent like Maye falls in your lap, you don’t question it. You say, “Thank you” and move on. The Falcons might not be maximizing the Kirk Cousins window by taking a quarterback in the first round, but I don’t care.

Passing on Drake Maye would be a death sentence for this new Falcons regime.

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