Scheana Shay Claims ‘VPR’ EP Was Frustrated With Ariana Madix for Walking Out During Season 11 Finale

Scheana Shay pulled back the curtain on the drama Vanderpump Rules fans didn’t see during the season 11 finale.

During the Friday, May 10 episode of her “Scheananigans” podcast, Scheana, 39, revealed to guest Matt Rogers that executive producer Jeremiah Smith encouraged them to break the fourth wall after Ariana Madix walked out during the finale.

“Jeremiah said, ‘Let it all out. Whatever you want to say, go for it,’” Scheana said about the producer.

During the finale, Jeremiah was seen trying to calm Ariana, 38, down after her ex Tom Sandoval attempted to ambush her into having a conversation. Ariana refused and subsequently left the event where the Vanderpump Rules cast was filming the last moments of the season.

“[Sandoval] f—king walking up on me talking to Scheana. He doesn’t give a f—k if I died in a ditch or got a deadly STD the way he was f—king around behind my back,” Ariana told the producer at the time. “That is non-informed consent and he doesn’t deserve to speak to me. He doesn’t get access to me. It’s about a performance for the audience. He wants 30 seconds with the audience.”

Lala Kent, Scheana Shay, Katie Maloney, Ariana Madix
Lala Kent, Scheana Shay and Tom Sandoval Kim White/Bravo

In a confessional, Ariana explained why she didn’t trust Sandoval’s intentions after his cheating scandal with Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, saying, “Whatever it is that Tom is trying to get from me is not for me. It is for me. I am the final boss in his video game of redemption. And because he can’t get to the final boss, he is f—king pissed.”

On her podcast, Scheana claimed that Jeremiah wasn’t thrilled with Ariana, adding, “He was very frustrated that day. To get walked out on, it was a slap in the face to everyone.”

Rogers, meanwhile, argued in Ariana’s favor by pointing out the “action-packed” ending. In response, Scheana recalled how it felt for her and her costars in that moment.

“That was the thing. We’re now in hindsight and watching it back,” she noted. “I’m like, ‘I understand that was your truth. In that moment, you were living your real and authentic life and you were not really going to talk to him.’”

Scheana said the cast felt differently about Ariana’s decision at the time, adding, “For the rest of us, it felt like in that moment, ‘F—k all of your jobs, f—k making the end of this show. I’m going to do what I want to do because I set my boundary. Peace out.’”

Sandoval’s reaction didn’t make the situation better. “And then for Tom to be like, ‘She talks s—t about all of this.’ It was just like, ‘What the f—k?’” Scheana added.

Scheana was referring to a rant Sandoval, 41, went on after Ariana stormed off. “Ariana is going around saying I am not being honest and I am performative,” he told Billie Lee. “Do you know what it is? Ariana is f—king performative. She doesn’t like any of these motherf—kers. So she can f—k off saying I am performative.”

Sandoval also accused Ariana of not working hard enough. “If you don’t want to film with your ex then don’t be on this show,” he noted. “Don’t sit back on your f—king lazy ass and collect a f—king check for doing nothing.”

After venting to Billie, Sandoval stormed over to Lala Kent and Scheana.

Scheana Shay Claims VPR EP Was Frustrated With Ariana Madix for Leaving
Lala Kent, Scheana Shay, Katie Maloney and Ariana Madix Casey Durkin/Bravo

“I’m f—king pissed. Not at you. I am pissed that she is f—king saying that s—t. Because Ariana? She doesn’t f—k with you guys,” Sandoval claimed. “On the real. She f—king talks s—t about all of you f—kers. She doesn’t show up for your s—t, she is not going to come for your f—king thing.”

Sandoval clarified on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Tuesday that he exaggerated his comments about Ariana. Scheana, however, got emotional on Friday while discussing how Sandoval’s false revelation affected her.

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“I don’t think [Ariana] hates me at all. And he didn’t say that. He just said she doesn’t like any of you f—kers. And maybe that was more directed at Lala because I know they’ve had a lot of their ups and downs,” Scheana explained. “But where things have been in this group that Tom Sandoval shattered will never be the same. I look at everyone differently, and I don’t trust anyone completely, and it’s really sad.”

In a separate interview on the Vanderpump Rules After Show, Ariana defended her actions. “I would encourage [people] to read my contract and find at any point that I am required to do anything I don’t deem real or I don’t want to do,” she noted. “And I would say that goes for every single cast member on this show. Everyone has the right to exercise that and they do all the time.”

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