Sandoval Repairing Friendships Seems More Strategic Than Therapeutic

Sandoval Repairing Friendships Seems More Strategic Than Therapeutic

It is extremely hard to feel bad for Tom Sandoval since he brought a lot of issues upon himself thanks to his sneaky ways. Since Scandoval broke back in March of 2023, he has lost a lot of his old friends who now no longer want to be associated with him anymore. During a recent Vanderpump Rules episode, the TomTom co-owner shared, “So I’ve leaned into the ones that have stuck around.” It hasn’t gone unnoticed that the worm has started to try to go on an apology tour in order to regain favor within his WeHo group. But viewers can’t be fooled since it seems like Sandoval is in search of some sort of redemption as he tries to protect his precious image.

Tom Sandoval

Tom Is Working On Himself

Apparently, viewers didn’t get the memo that Tom has been trying his hardest to work on himself. Tom has claimed over and over that he is trying to concentrate on the things that are important in his life, and while all these ideas of grandeur are good in theory, I would argue that they are just a lot of hot air. During Season 11, Tom expressed that he felt lost in the days after Scandoval in a current of lust and hate. And while the imagery is creative, I am not buying his monotone apology. During the last episode, Tom noted he would try to approach the aftermath of Scandoval from a place of sobriety.

It turns out that Rachel Leviss had also gone sober while in her treatment facility, and Tom thought they could do it together. I don’t believe this for a second and feel that Tom has jumped on the sober bandwagon, especially since the new trend seems to be giving up alcohol. The singer is just going through the motions, trying to say all the right things, but instead, the words just feel wrong leaving Tom’s mouth.

Tom Mends Fences

Well, he is trying to, especially when it comes to our resident Good as Gold singer, Scheana Shay. Vanderpump Rules viewers have watched Tom admit the hardest thing about cheating on Ariana was that he lost his longtime friendship with the witty and caring Scheana. Here’s a pro tip: maybe don’t cheat and blow up your little Valley Village world. Even though the talk in the SUR alley way didn’t go as planned, and Tom was accused of “picking a scab,” he is still trying his best to win Scheana back. I feel like making amends with Scheana is just another PR stunt because I truly think Tom, in his own mind, thinks he has a lot of friends.

But Bravo cameras have kindly pointed out that he pays most of his yes-men. It is obvious Tom knows that Scheana is the weak link back into the group because of her inner struggle. It stands to reason that if Tom can get Scheana back on his side, he could start infiltrating the rest of the group and possibly start changing their minds and alliances.

Tom’s Ego Has Taken a Beating

Without a doubt, Tom has had to watch his image take a major hit. For years, he tried to portray that he was the number one guy in the group, which we now know to be an outright lie. Tom wormed his way into the cast by acting woke, showing concern for the underdog, and even splashing cash out on major events like Rachel’s Coachella-themed engagement party. All these side hustles were ploys to cover up who the real Tom was. Instead of wanting to truly repair his friendships, he desperately wants his ego to start feeling better.

This is why he has continued with his silly Tom and the Most Paid Extras music tour even though people only bought tickets to hate on him.It’s also why he agreed to participate in Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test. By pretending to push himself to the limits, he thinks he will incite some form of emotion from viewers, who, in turn, will start to sympathize with him. The plan is pretty intelligent. It’s just that Tom is such a terrible actor that nobody is buying his crocodile tears. It is all about him sleeping better on his silk pillows at night.

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