Based on the way they’re being built, the Carolina Panthers offense may only go as far as their line will take them.

Luckily, new assistant head coach and run game coordinator Harold Goodwin believes the group is headed in the right direction. He spoke to reporters on Tuesday afternoon, and was asked about what he’s focusing in on with the hog mollies right now.

“I’m excited for the group,” Goodwin stated. “Obviously, we’ve got five guys that can play at a high level. The biggest thing, knock on wood, we just gotta stay healthy. All those guys are capable of being high-quality players, Pro Bowl-level players—not to put any pressure on any of ’em. But I expect big things from that group to help this team out.

“I believe any offensive line on any football team is the foundation of the team. I feel like we got a good start to a good foundation of a future.”

A large part of that future will be about protecting quarterback Bryce Young, who absorbed far too many hits during his rookie campaign. The No. 1 overall pick was sacked a total of 62 times, the second-most amongst all passers in 2023.

But the Panthers aren’t coming back empty-handed. The team has since signed guards Robert Hunt and Damien Lewis to weighty free-agent deals, investing $153 million into Young’s interior.

The middle of the trench may also include Austin Corbett, who will try to make the transition from right guard to center. Goodwin was asked about Corbett’s “big leap.”

“Well, I don’t consider it a big leap. It’s something he’s done way in his past,” he replied. “But he’s a football player. Football players can do many different things. He’s smart, he’s athletic, he’s capable of doing anything we ask of him. So far since I’ve been here, we’ve talked about in my office. He feels comfortable with it. And obviously, it starts with him.

“And we feel confident as coaches, as an organization that he can lead us in the right direction. And he’s gonna have two big guard next to him. So all he’s gotta do is lead the way and we should be fine.”