One NFL Analyst Thinks The New England Patriots Will Stick With Mac Jones In 2024

One NFL Analyst Thinks The New England Patriots Will Stick With Mac Jones In 2024

While almost every NFL analyst has predicted that the New England Patriots will select a quarterback with their 3rd overall pick in the 2024 draft and move on from Mac Jones, there is one analyst who sees the team sticking with Mac for at least one more season. Colin Cowherd thinks the team will keep Mac and draft a bunch of weapons as they have some of the worst in the league.

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NFL Analyst Colin Cowherd Says Mac Jones Could Be Staying Put

On Wednesday Colin Cowherd, on his show the Herd, made the case that the Patriots could stick with Mac Jones for next season and try to bolster a lot of their other positions on the offensive side of the ball. He pointed out that Jones had a very solid rookie year and that he was set up to fail with having a different coordinator every season that he was a starter.Ezoic

“I’m not so sure,” Cowherd said. “I have no problem trading down once or twice. Getting a tight end. Getting a receiver. Getting a left tackle. Getting a more long-term sustainable running back. I have no problem with that and giving Mac Jones, with a competent offensive coordinator, a year.”

“You can all bang on Mac Jones. Go back to year one. This was pre-Belichick holding a grudge against him. He had a top-10 run game in New England and a good offensive coordinator. I’ll show you some highlights from that year. He made the Pro Bowl. He was actually pretty good.

Colin Cowherd With Yet Again A Hot Take

Cowherd continued by saying that the team has many more flaws then just their quarterback position and that drafting another guy but not surrounding him with any talent would probably not work out too well.

“I don’t think that’s a terrible idea. Move down, give Mac Jones one year with a competent (offensive coordinator). This team is not a quick rebuild… What’s better? Giving Mac Jones legitimate pieces or getting Drake Maye with an empty cupboard?”

While Cowherd makes some decent point in this argument, there is simply no chance that the Patriots do not draft or bringing a free agent quarterback in addition to trying to address many of their offensive issues. While Mac was very solid in his rookie year he got beat down badly by over 30 points in his only playoff game and he is simply not a guy you can win playoff games in the NFL with consistently no matter who you surround him with.Ezoic

While Colin thinks it may sound like a smart take, the Patriots and Jerod Mayo has probably seen enough of Mac. He is also not known to be a team favorite player on the roster and not the best locker room personality. Jones could definitely see the field again as he had some high moments during his short career but that will probably not be with the Patriots. While it would not be the craziest thing to stick with Jones for another year, it is highly unlikely.Ezoic

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