NY Jets fans react to embarrassing Breece Hall award robbery

NY Jets fans react to embarrassing Breece Hall award robbery

NY Jets running back Breece Hall put together one of the best seasons of any player coming off a major injury in recent NFL history. His reward for that historic season? No All-Pro nod. No Pro Bowl recognition. No Offensive Player of the Year Award. And no, not even a finalist for Comeback Player of the Year.

NY Jets running back Breece Hall

Hall returned this season from a torn ACL he suffered less than 12 months prior and finished fourth in the entire NFL in scrimmage yards. Only Christian McCaffrey, Tyreek Hill, and CeeDee Lamb finished the year with more yards from scrimmage than Hall.

All three of those players were finalists for Offensive Player of the Year. Not only was Hall snubbed from recognition for that award, but he wasn’t even a finalist for Comeback Player of the Year. Make it make sense.

Hall finished with a measly three third-place votes in the Comeback Player of the Year race. A whopping six players earned more total votes, including San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy. Yes, that Brock Purdy.

Needless to say, Jets fans weren’t particularly pleased with the outcome of the voting process, and they made their thoughts clear on social media.

For whatever reason, Hall’s excellence in 2023 flew under the radar. Even ignoring the fact that he was coming off a torn ACL, Hall was statistically one of the best running backs in football this past season, and you can very easily make the argument that he’s RB2 in the entire league.

Hall led all running backs in receptions and receiving yards and averaged a healthy 4.5 yards per carry behind an abysmal Jets offensive line. All other Jets running backs averaged just 3.3 yards per carry in the same situation.

Again, the only three players in the entire NFL to record more scrimmage yards than Hall this season were finalists for Offensive Player of the Year. Hall was, by all accounts, one of the best offensive players in football this season.

Unfortunately, when you’re stuck in a disgustingly bad offense like the Jets, your accomplishments are bound to be overlooked. That’s still no excuse for his lack of recognition in the Comeback Player of the Year Award race, though.

The last running back to produce at this level a year removed from a torn ACL was Adrian Peterson in 2012. He won MVP that year. Hall couldn’t even receive a Comeback Player of the Year shoutout.

Jets fans have a right to be upset about Hall’s egregious snub. Here’s to hoping there will be more important and prestigious awards in Hall’s future.

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