Jets have ‘zero’ interest in Jamal Adams reunion after Seahawks release

Jets have ‘zero’ interest in Jamal Adams reunion after Seahawks release

The New York Jets are hoping for better days this coming season with QB Aaron Rodgers, DB Sauce Gardner and others leading Coach Robert Saleh’s team. Now the Jets are hoping to add to their current roster in free agency and through the draft, and longtime star Jamal Adams may be available after his release from Coach Mike MacDonald’s Seattle Seahawks team.

 Jets have ‘zero’ interest in Jamal Adams reunion after Seahawks release

Some of the Jets players have been busy this offseason and Gardner is one of them. He recently dug up an old Mecole Hardman tweet amid beef with the Chiefs Super Bowl hero. Jets General Manager Joe Douglas revealed updates on key free agency players recently.

One player who is not likely to join the Jets next season is Jamal Adams, despite his immense talent, according to a new revelation in the rumor mill.

Jets Have No Interest in Former Seahawks Star, Rumor Says

The Jets rumor was shared via Connor Hughes on Twitter, who cited SNYtv on the same platform. There have been rumblings that Adams wants to come back to NYC to possibly join the Jets. The Jets reportedly have “zero” interest in the safety, multiple sources are rumored to have said to the station.

Adams’ Play Slipped in 2023 for Seahawks

Last year, Adams had a grade of 54.9 according to Pro Football Focus which ranked him near the bottom of the top 100 list of safeties in the NFL, 95th to be exact. The Jets already have Gardner, one of the top young defensive backs in the league, and a defensive minded coach in Saleh.

The team may be in the market for additional help in the defensive backfield via the draft, but the former Pete Carroll star from Mike MacDonald’s Seahawks apparently doesn’t appear to be a factor in their plans.

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