Jason Kelce discloses he once tried to lure Joe Burrow to play college football in Cincinnati

Recruiting forms a key part of building the best football teams at both the collegiate and professional levels. Jason Kelce, the former center for the Philadelphia Eagles, has had his stint as a recruiter.

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In a recent interaction, the older Kelce revealed that he attempted to convince a top quarterback in the NFL to team up with him in Cincinnati.

Jason Kelce revealed ahead of a live recording of a fresh iteration of the New Heights podcast that he once attempted to persuade Joe Burrow to consider playing collegiate ball at the University of Cincinnati, his alma mater.

Burrow, who is now the face of the Cincinnati Bengals franchise, was a top quarterback prospect coming out of high school.

However, coach Ed Orgeron managed to successfully sway Joe Burrow to join Louisiana State University. In retrospect, it was an easy decision. Burrow had Ja’Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson as his primary wide receivers; which quarterback in his right mind would want to walk away from that situation?

Jason Kelce reached out to Joe Burrow when he was transferring from OSU

Kelce revealed he approached Burrow when he was transferring from Ohio State University.

When Joe was transferring out of Ohio State, I sent him a text on behalf of Cincinnati trying to lure him to the university. Who knows what could have been? He could have been such a great player if he would have just come here. At the time, I didn’t know much about him, Coaches would reach out for me to get involved with recruiting and to be honest, a lot of times I don’t get involved. He reached out via a text message

It seems hard to believe that it could get any better than winning a national championship and the coveted Heisman trophy. Given Kelce’s ability to get friendly with players and come off as a likable guy, it comes as no surprise that his coaches went to him to get involved in recruiting top prospects.

Jason and his brother Travis Kelce will be hosting their podcast at the University of Cincinnati on Thursday night. The duo has invited Joe Burrow to be part of the podcast.

Well, Kelce managed to bring Burrow to UC—a little too late, but better than never. Kelce has been relaxed and spending time with his family and friends following his decision to walk away from football in March.

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