“I was crushed!” ‘Dejected’ Tom Brady admits not sleeping ‘for a long time’ after Patriots’ Super Bowl loss to Eli Manning’s Giants

“I was crushed!” ‘Dejected’ Tom Brady admits not sleeping ‘for a long time’ after Patriots’ Super Bowl loss to Eli Manning’s Giants

Tom Brady, an NFL legend who is known for his astonishing records and for winning seven Super Bowl rings (6 with the New England Patriots, 1 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers), but very few know about his very first failure at the big game.

“I was crushed!” ‘Dejected’ Tom Brady admits not sleeping ‘for a long time’ after Patriots’ Super Bowl loss to Eli Manning’s Giants

In the two decades of the Patriots’ dominance, Brady established his name in history as the winningest quarterback. But he also carries his name in history for being on the losing team in the NFL’s second upsetting Super Bowl loss, against the New York Giants.

It happened back in 2008 when the Patriots fell short against the Giants at 14-17 in Super Bowl XLII. The loss of particularly hard on Brady because it took the opportunity from the Patriots’ hands to be labeled as the NFL’s only perfect team after the 1972 Miami Dolphins. Moreover, Brady played the game with an ankle injury, which he sustained in the AFC title game, right before the Super Bowl.

The NFL legend didn’t talk about that loss until this year, in the Apple TV documentary on the Patriots dynasty. Brady said,

I was crushed. That was our history-making game. That would have been everything. … We were as devastated as you could be. There was no sleep. There was no sleep for a long time.


Unfortunately, Brady wasn’t the only player grieving the tough loss, Team president Jonathan Kraft shared a graphic visualization from the locker room scene post-game saying,

I’ve never seen that. I’ve never, ever, seen that.

Tom Brady preparing for his new career as Fox’s lead NFL analyst

In the retirement post by NBC Sports columnist, Peter King also commented on Brady’s new adventure in the NFL as a Fox Sports analyst. After giving himself a year of break from the NFL, the former Patriots’ legend will soon be making his broadcast debut.

Tom Brady

King predicted that Brady’s addition to the Fox booth was going to be quite beneficial. He shared Brady has been “quietly” preparing for his new adventure for the last five months.

The five-time Super Bowl MVP is set to begin his broadcasting journey from the coming fall, as he is going to call games for Fox’s NFL broadcasts. He has signed a 10-year contract deal worth $375 million with the Fox.

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