Hааson Reddісk: Peoрle аren't 'reаdy for wһаt’s аbout to һаррen' wіtһ Jets defense

Hааson Reddісk: Peoрle аren’t ‘reаdy for wһаt’s аbout to һаррen’ wіtһ Jets defense

The last few days have been crazy for Haason Reddick. Ever since the Jets sent the Philadephia Eagles a conditional draft pick to acquire the veteran edge rusher his phone has “been ringing off the hook nonstop.”

In addition to family and friends calling him, Reddick has spoken to some of his new teammates. And in his first comments to the New York media Monday, it was clear his excitement about the potential of a big 2024 season is palpable.

“You got dogs at each level on the defense, literally,” Reddick said, first mentioning the “inside interior guys” like Quinnen Williams, the also newly acquired Javon Kinlaw and adding “even on the outside” of Jermaine Johnson, Will McDonald and John Franklin-Myers.

“You look at the inside linebackers, you got CJ Mosley, Quincy [Williams], like those two guys are just dogs themselves,” he continued. “And then even for DBs, Sauce [Gardner], his name speaks for himself. And then even seeing like DJ Reed and what he’s done over the last couple of years and the name that he’s making for himself. I’m happy to be around a group of guys like this, a talented roster such as this one.

“It’s gonna be fun, man. I don’t think anybody’s ready for what’s about to happen, but it’s gonna be fun and it’s gonna be fun to watch as well.”

Reddick said he “doesn’t want to talk too much” about what’s going to happen. “It’s gonna be exciting, it’s gonna be entertaining.”

“It should have already been that way for you guys when you look at the defense, but I know what I bring, I know the juice that I’m gonna bring and the energy. And hopefully, it’s contagious and it rubs off on the guys. Hopefully, their energy does the same for me.”

He added that after looking at the roster he can “pretty much guarantee it’s gonna be some great ball being played.”

With a Gang Green defense that prizes getting to the quarterback and letting pass rushers attack their individual matchups, Reddick said the “bunch of young dogs” on the roster are “gonna make it all easier for each other.”

“So the attack, the attack, the attack style, I’m all for it,” he said. “I’m all about constantly putting QBs under duress. And with the group that we have the front that we have, we should be able to do that really often.”

For the Jets, a team with championship aspirations, the addition of Reddick – who went to the Super Bowl his first season in Philadelphia – the added benefit of veteran experience to the locker room can also provide a big lift.

“The biggest thing was chemistry and bonding,” he said of the 2022 season with the Eagles. “Man, we had so many pieces come in, but we were dedicated to getting to know one another. We were dedicated to being around each other. We were dedicated to being friends and creating a brother-type bond with each other and that was something that was on display the full year.

“And I think that is one of the major things that I can bring here is that brotherly love bringing people along, helping everybody become a team, a family-type unit. So that way we can all reach our goals and be where we wanna be.”

After losing Bryce Huff – who signed with the Eagles earlier in free agency – the Jets hope Reddick will continue to be the dominant pass rusher he has been over the past four seasons when he totaled 50.5 sacks, 83 quarterback hits, 51 tackles for loss and 13 forced fumbles.

“I believe I have a lot left in the tank. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be here,” Reddick said when asked if he believed he could still perform at a high level. “And that’s pretty much that. I feel like when I don’t have any more left to give, I’ll retire. Until that point, I’m gonna continue to try to play my best ball.”

Reddick, who will turn 30 in September and is in the last year of his contract, said “all options are open” as far as an extension with New York, but is leaving the contract talk for his agent and Jets GM Joe Douglas.


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