Detroit Lions Shake-Up: Cornerback Chase Lucas Hits Free Agency, Signals Defensive Revamp

Detroit Lions Shake-Up: Cornerback Chase Lucas Hits Free Agency, Signals Defensive Revamp

Brad Holmes and the Detroit Lions have been very good at drafting. so good that at the end of the 2023 season, they still had every draft pick this regime has made on the team in some fashion. It looks like that streak is coming to an end on Thursday as the Lions have chosen not to tender cornerback, and former 7th round pick, Chase Lucas. He will now become an unrestricted free agent.

Lions look to be parting ways with a Brad Holmes draft pick for the first time

Lucas has been a reliable special teams player when he’s had the chance to be active. There was some though that he might return next year, but the Lions are going a bit scorched Earth on their cornerback room at the moment and looks like they’re going to do a complete rebuild.

Now, I should say that just because they did not tender him, that does not mean that they will not be bringing him back. They could still choose do so at a cheaper rate. But considering that they did not tender Jerry Jacobs and he will be hitting free agency, there’s reason to believe the situation is the same here.

Lucas was waived by the Lions during the season so that they could make room for the returning Jason Cabinda. Lucas did come back, but had a chance to leave and there were teams that were interested in acquiring his services. He should have no problem finding a spot elsewhere and leaving might be the best thing for him since he could be the odd man out in a rebuilt corner room.

With this, that means the Lions now have 22 of their 23 draft picks, made during the Holmes era, still on their team. That’s pretty impressive.

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