Buffalo Bills B.et Big on David Edwards with a $6.195 Million Incentive-Laden Contract to Secure Key Plays

Buffalo Bills B.et Big on David Edwards with a $6.195 Million Incentive-Laden Contract to Secure Key Plays

In a move signaling both loyalty and strategy, the Buffalo Bills have made sure that the linchpin of their offensive line, David Edwards, won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Locking in Edwards with a two-year deal worth a base of $6.195 million but with room for more based on performance, the Bills are banking on his versatility and reliability. Though not brimming with headline-catching details, the nuances of this contract illuminate how Buffalo values Edwards, not just for what he’s already done, but for the potential still untapped.

Buffalo Bills re-signing guard David Edwards to two-year deal -

Under the freshly inked contract, Edwards secures $2.95 million of the deal as guaranteed money, which is substantial backing by the team, signaling their confidence in him. This assurance is coupled with a $1.75 million sign-on bonus, a clear upfront commitment.

The contract structure also details his salaries – $1.2 million of which is guaranteed next year, with a follow-up of a $2.56 million payout. The additional incentive in the form of a $10,000 per game active roster bonus illustrates how every snap counts, literally, making for a lucrative potential addition should he maintain his health and form.

Playing time in 2023 for Edwards was noteworthy – he was on the field for nearly 13% of offensive plays and almost a fifth of the special teams’ snaps. These percentages are emblematic of a player who’s not just warming the bench but actively contributing in multiple phases of the game. Given this engagement level, the new contract is not just a reward for past service but a bet on his continued ability to serve as either a stalwart reserve or to step up into a more demanding starting role.

One specific element of the contract, the per-game roster bonus, merits attention. Edwards could earn up to an additional $170,000 per season if active for all games. Having played in 16 games in 2023 translates into $160,000 tagged as likely to be earned (LTBE) this season, setting a precedent and an expectation for his participation.

Looking ahead to 2024, Edwards enjoys a safeguard with $1.75 million guaranteed, positioning the year essentially as a litmus test for longer-term commitment. This “one year and we’ll see” approach is balanced with incentivized playing time for 2024; hitting those marks could net Edwards an additional $2.5 million split between an immediate bonus and a salary boost the following year. These incentives not only sweeten the deal but also serve as motivation for Edwards to maximize his snap counts and impact on the field.

When dissecting the financials further, Edwards’ cap hit stands out as the fourth-highest among Bills’ offensive linemen in 2024. Such a ranking underscores his importance to the team’s structure and financial planning. The contract’s architecture, spanning prorated bonuses, workout and per-game roster additions, base salary, and potential playing time incentives for the next two years, provides a comprehensive roadmap to how Edwards is valued both on and off the field.

Edwards’ deal with the Bills is a multifaceted agreement, interweaving guaranteed money with performance incentives that offer him both security and the potential for substantial earnings based on his contributions. It’s a fitting contract for a player whose flexibility and work ethic have made him indispensable to Buffalo’s offensive scheme. As the Bills look to fortify their lineup and make a deeper playoff run, ensuring the continuity and satisfaction of key players like Edwards could make all the difference.

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