Brandon Graham's Eagles Reunion: A Last Hurrah for Philly's Defensive Stalwart?

Brandon Graham’s Eagles Reunion: A Last Hurrah for Philly’s Defensive Stalwart?

If they reach an agreement, Graham will play in his 15th season with Philadelphia

JAKIB Sports on X: "Brandon Graham says he would like to come back for one  more season with the Eagles as a farewell tour." / X

It seems like a very likely possibility that Brandon Graham will stay with the Philadelphia Eagles as it was reported Tuesday that both sides had mutual interest. Now, Graham himself said on the Sports Radio WIP show that he is “glad to still be part of the plan.”

“I’m glad to still be part of the plan . . . now it is about making it make sense for both parties,” Graham said.

He was then on the show “Take Off” with John Clark and said on the podcast that not only are both sides working on a new contract, but the plan is to “play one more year.” He would also touch on the news that long-time Eagles offensive lineman Jason Kelce is retiring.

“Well, we’re working on that,” Graham said. “But my plan is to play one more year….Oh yeah, man. There was no question, man,” Graham said. “I couldn’t end it like that. But I do understand Kelce’s reasoning behind what he gotta do. Opportunity is calling.”

Graham talks about how his body is heading into next season with Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham (55) runs off the field after win against the New York Giants at Lincoln Financial Field.
With any player that is in the trenches of the offensive and defensive line, the body can take an immense beating and indicate when it might be time to hang up the boots. It called for Kelce after 13 seasons, for Graham at the age of 35 years old, it’s apparently telling him to go “one more year.”

“Keep going one more year, for sure. I still feel like I can do it,” Graham said. “Because it’s a grind, though. I understand exactly what Kelce is talking about, man. I do understand sometimes you don’t get that full recovery that you normally do. But he is playing full-time too. So his case is a lot different than me. I’m only playing 20+ snaps a game. He’s playing a majority of the snaps in the game because that’s normally how O-linemen go. But I do know it might have took him a little longer to recover than normal.”

Graham talks about his long-time teammates with Philadelphia

After the Kelce retirement, it could be an end of an era for Eagles fans as they see their favorite players on the verge of retirement which includes players like Graham, Kelce, fellow defensive lineman Fletcher Cox, and offensive lineman Lane Johnson. All four have been with the organization for at least a decade, but could possibly be down to two as Cox is a free agent and contemplating retirement according to NBC Sports Philadelphia.

“It’s going to be me and Lane (Johnson). Me and Lane,” Graham said. “I think Fletch is on the fence for good reason. He play a lot, plays the majority of the snaps too. And recovery is definitely different for those guys because they’ve been playing at high levels for so many years too. I think the difference with me is that I done come back on a rep count. They done built me up during the season to let me play more as the season goes on. I just think that Fletch, he’s going to make the right decision for his family and that’s going to be soon, I’m sure, to let everybody know if he’s coming back or not. But I know it’s been a heck of a ride with him.”

In any sense, the Eagles are looking to have a bounce back season starting this fall after finishing 11-6, but falling in the wild card round of the NFL Playoffs to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. There is no doubt they will have championship aspirations as they look to get back to the Super Bowl like they did in 2023 and maybe win like they did in 2017.

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