As a Bills fan who's been to World's Largest Buffalo statue, I can attest it has personality

As a Bills fan who’s been to World’s Largest Buffalo statue, I can attest it has personality

In defense of North Dakota’s World’s Largest Buffalo statue after the Bills took a cheap shot in hyping up their own buffalo statue design.

Pic of World’s Largest Buffalo statue in Jamestown, North Dakota, alongside proposed images of buffalo statue at the Bills new stadium

Lost in the wing basket of buzz created by a video the Buffalo Bills released this week on social media highlighting the plans for the proposed bison statues outside the new Highmark Stadium is a little bit of shade throwing directed at another prominent buffalo statue.

Frank Cravotta, Bills SVP of new stadium design, probably didn’t make any friends in North Dakota this week following his comments in the video aimed at the World’s Largest Buffalo statue, which resides in Jamestown, North Dakota.

Cravotta explained that, in designing the new Bills statues, “One of the first things that I downloaded was the world’s largest buffalo. We all agreed that it’s cool because it’s big, but there’s no emotion there, there’s no detail. It’s just big.”

Whoa, cheap shot much, Cravotta?

As a proud member of Bills Mafia who has actually been to the World’s Largest Buffalo statue in Jamestown, I think I am in a unique position to comment on the slight — and I’d like to offer a defense of the North Dakotan historical landmark.

When my wife and I as newlyweds found ourselves traveling through North Dakota in 2008 en route to a friend’s family farm, I heard about the World’s Largest Buffalo statue and insisted we check it out. After all, what could be more romantic than a 46 feet long, 26 feet tall bison?

When we got there, it was truly a sight to behold. Not only for its size, but for its anatomical correctness.

How to put this delicately? Let’s just say that I can attest the statue does have personality. It’s not a Ken doll. It’s got a serious pair of… the object at the center of the deflate-gate scandal (though Tom Brady clearly didn’t take the air out of these ones). It puts the “sack” in sacks-per-game. It’s not neutered.

If it’s not clear what I’m saying by now, you may have crashed through one too many tables, Bills fans. Here is an entirely appropriate picture of my wife and I at the statue, but a simple google search will reveal the buffalo… in the buff.

My wife and I at the World's Largest Buffalo statue in Jamestown, North Dakota

In short, rather than bash the World’s Largest Buffalo statue, maybe Frank Cravotta and the rest of the new Highmark Stadium design staff should take a page from it. After all, what better way to show that the Buffalo Bills are going to hang tough in their new stadium than with a buffalo statue sporting a giant pair of, well, you know… there to greet you at the door.

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