Ariana Madix Fires Back at Love Island Fan’s Host Criticism: “Doing What I Do Best”

Ariana Madix is the new host of Love Island USA, but she’s not letting critical fans get away with negative talk before the show starts.

Ariana Madix Fires Back at Love Island USA Hosting Critic | The Daily Dish

Things are already heating up online before the new season of Love Island USA even premieres. The show’s new host for Season 6, Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix, fired back at a Love Island fan who posted their thoughts about her taking over the hosting duties for the show.

In a teaser for Love Island USA on Peacock’s Instagram page, Madix receives that oh so famous text, which references how Islanders communicate on the show, except this one reads, “Ariana Madix, will you host Peacock’s new Love Island USA?” She responds with a cheerful, “Yes!”

Most Love Island USA fans were excited to see her in action as the host for the first time, but one fan wrote, “You are no Maya” in reference to the host of U.K.’s Love Island, and Love Island Games, the legendary Maya Jama.

Madix, being no stranger to drama, wasted no time clapping back in the comments.

“That’s obvious dear. I could never be nor am I trying to be the queen that is Maya Jama. And guess what? It would be weird if I did. I am me and I am going to bring my best self to my dream hosting job doing what I do best: BE MYSELF. Have a good day.”

After dropping the mic (metaphorically) several fans rushed to her defense to cheer her on for speaking her truth.

Where did former Love Island USA host Sarah Hyland go?

Love Island host Sarah Hyland stands in the villa

As previously reported, previous Love Island USA host, Sarah Hyland, shared on her Instagram stories that a different project is sadly preventing her from returning to Fiji and as host in Season 6.

“I’m disappointed the news had to break this way but it is in fact true that I will not be returning to the island this summer,” she wrote at the time. She added that the reason is because she has committed to filming another project that conflicts with the shooting dates for Love Island USA.

Hyland joined the show in Season 4 and hosted for two seasons.

When was Madix chosen to host Love Island USA?

Ariana Madix appears on Season 5 of Love Island USA

There were many rumors swirling around on the internet about who would take over for Hyland. In March, the Vanderpump Rules star confirmed she was hired as the new host of Love Island USA. In an Instagram video, she said, “Talk about a bombshell. This summer, I’m trading rhinestone buckles for bikinis. I’m hosting the next season of Love Island USA, streaming this summer on Peacock. I can’t wait to stir up some trouble in paradise.” Madix’s hosting duties will include moving the couples along through the show’s process until a winner is chosen,

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