Andy Cohen Addresses Raquel’s Decision to Quit Vanderpump Rules, If Fans Will Soften Toward Tom Sandoval, and Teases “Shifting Relationships” on Season 11

Andy Cohen Addresses Raquel’s Decision to Quit Vanderpump Rules, If Fans Will Soften Toward Tom Sandoval, and Teases “Shifting Relationships” on Season 11

Andy Cohen reacted to Rachel “Raquel” Leviss‘ decision to leave Vanderpump Rules after her sordid affair with Tom Sandoval was exposed amid season 10 during a recent interview.

Andy Cohen on Why He "Respects" Raquel's Decision to Quit Pump Rules, If Fans Will Soften to Tom Sandoval, and Teases "Shifting Relationships" on Season 11

Andy, 55, revealed that he “respects” Raquel’s reasoning for quitting, which was based on her mental health, while also sharing his thoughts on whether fans will soften up towards Sandoval, 41, and teasing the “shifting” friendships between cast members.

“I think it’s a personal decision and whatever, if that was the healthiest move for her, I respect looking at it and saying, ‘This was not something that brought out the best in me so I’m gonna chose something else,’” Andy explained to Us Weekly last month. “I really respect that decision, always, across all shows.”

As fans will recall, Raquel, 29, announced she was leaving the show last August, months into production on season 11, saying it wasn’t in her best interest to return, and later noting that Sandoval also impacted the decision.

“The main reason why I didn’t want to be a part of season 11 is because I don’t want to be with Tom. And I made the decision to cut Tom out of my life,” she said on her podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue, last week. “Going back to film the show, it would force me to interact with him first of all. And I know I’m on the outskirts with all the other cast so I wouldn’t get my story across. I really believe that the girls wouldn’t give me the time of day to let me open up to them given my previous history with my interactions with them. Because I would be on the outskirts with the cast, it would put me in the same boat as Tom, and Tom has a way with his words, and he would get back in my ear, and I know I’m not in the place completely strong enough to be able to resist that.”

Although season 10 concluded with the cast on the outs with Sandoval due to his devastating betrayal of Ariana Madix, 38, Ariana suggested last year that viewers may actually have a change of heart about her ex.

Speaking of the comment, Andy said, “That’s up to the fans.”

“I think the question is how long do you … Look, I think it’s up to the folks of the show, how long we keep this guy on an island, and it’s up to the fans. We’ve known him through television for 10 years. So what place does he hold with us now?” Andy wondered.

Continuing on about season 11, Andy expressed excitement for the new episodes.

“[I’m] very excited for people to see [Vanderpump Rules] and listen, it picks up where we left off and I think seeing the shifting relationships and platelets and growth in some and stagnation in others is really gonna be interesting for people,” he teased.

Vanderpump Rules season 11 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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